What is Appzard

Appzard is a next generation app building tool with Zero coding skills just drag and drop,

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Getting Started!

If you are new to App development we recommed checking out our community
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Connections with Appzard with Telegram!

Discourse with telegram

  1. start a new chat with @AppzardNotificationsBot.
  2. you should get a message like this: To get notifications for Appzard Community, enter the 'Chat ID' XXXXXXXXX in your user preferences Copy the chat ID given by the bot.
  3. Go to your profile preferences by clicking on your profile photo at the top right> clicking the last tab that has an account icon>and choosing Profile from the drop-down, or using this link: https://community.appzard.com/u/username/preferences/profile Note: username is a placeholder, replace it with your actual username.
  4. Paste the chat ID you copied in the Telegram Notifications field.
  5. now send the bot a message again, you should get a similar message: Hi username, I'll message you when you have new notifications on Appzard Community. Replying to a notification will post a reply on Appzard Community. To disable, visit your user preferences. You should get a notification by the bot when anyone replies , mentions or sends you a message in the community! If you reply to the bot message, the reply will be posted on the community. You can also like the post from within telegram using the like button.


Monetization (FAQ about monetization)

Can I monetize my apps built with Appzard Builder?

Yes, you are free to monetize your apps built with Appzard. You can monetize and publish them on any app stores available on the web, free from tension and hassles, you can use any of the monetization components and earn money from the advertisement revenues of the app.

Will appzard take commission if I monetize my apps built with it?

The simple answer is No, we have no intention of taking out any commission or part of revenue from the user who built apps using Appzard. Users can monetize their apps, no hassles, no commissions.

Which ads networks are present in appzard ?

Appzard has monetization components for various services like Ironsource Ads (All kinds), Facebook ads (All kinds), Adcolony Ads (All kinds), etc. And, the best thing is, more are coming soon, stay with our progress at Appzard Community.

Publishing apps(FAQ about Publishing apps)

Can I publish apps built with Appzard ?

Yes, you are free to publish apps built with Appzard on any appstore present on the web, free of any hassles, you can export the app you built as either .apk or .aab file for publishing them on any appstore. Publish and enjoy ! 😉

Will I get any legal issues if I publish apps made with Appzard?

Simply No! We work to make the process more easy other than writing numbers of lines of code, you just need to drag and drp components, you will not get any issues, be tension-free 😉. We are here to make this easier, Enjoy !

Does appzard take any money from me if I publish my app on appstores ?

No, Our main motive is to help people, not to make piles of money from people. You can make apps and simply export apks/aabs and publish them on appstore, nothing else is needed to be done, Appzard : The app making Wizard !

Pricing (FAQ about pricing)

Do i need to buy any plan?

No, We at Appzard think that helping our users with a smile is way better than asking them for money to allow them to use us, We don't have any pricing plans, what we just need is our user's satisfaction and a sweet smile on their face while using our services.

Can I be called a coder if I build apps with Appzard?

Yes, the systems we use are are including google blockly, drag & drop libraries, when you build apps via Appzard, it is termed as "Visual Programming", you can call yourself a Coder/Visual Programmer if you build apps with Appzard, Enjoy Building apps !